MAEA Grant Application
Please submit this form separately for each grant for which you are applying.

General Guidelines for Grants
--Grants are earmarked for direct personal professional development, i.e., attendance at an MAEA conference, membership in MAEA/NAEA, research, creative work, publications, etc.
--The Projects Grant is generally to encourage new work, but work already begun will be considered.
--Funding will not be offered for projects geared solely to educational activities, supplies or materials, which should be funded by your institution.
--Grants will be awarded based on current amounts of funds available.
--Funding requests for meals, books or lodging will not be honored.
--The grant will be awarded to MAEA members only. Exception for individuals seeking membership provided through the grant.

Guidelines for Grant Disbursement
--The grant will not exceed $300.
--The timeline for when the grant is awarded is dependent on the individual grants. Look to specific grants for the timelines.
--The grant will be awarded by the MAEA Executive Board who are not eligible to apply.
--Funds will be distributed as indicated by individual grant timelines.
--A member may not receive more than one grant in a two-year period.
--MAEA members receiving the grant will agree to present a workshop on the funded project/research/creative activity at a MAEA conference within two years of receiving the grant.

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Applicant may not have a membership number if they are applying for the membership grant. All other applicant should have a membership number. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
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