See the full list of signatories here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1K4omOz7rHA-ITkSEJqKAM1QtnW-MqGPSojA3T01jyps/edit?usp=sharing

More information about the strike: ucsb4cola.org

Donate to the UCSB strike fund here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/ucsb-cola-campaign


We, the undersigned, declare our unwavering support for, and staunch solidarity with, the graduate students at the University of California, Santa Barbara in their demand for a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) in the form of a salary increase no less than $1,807.51 for all graduate students. As alumni, we call on our alma mater to meet this demand and commit to enabling a decent standard of living necessary to engage in academic labor that benefits all UC campuses and the communities of which they are part.

We unabashedly condemn the tactics employed by the UC system to intimidate, harass, vilify, and harm striking graduate workers, including international students. In addition to providing COLA payments, we demand that the UC system drop all criminal charges against strikers and immediately remove police presence from the picket lines of all participating campuses. In line with the demands of the strikers, we also demand that the university “must not retaliate in any form, implicit or explicit, against graduate students, undergraduate students, faculty, staff, or any other individuals who support and/or participate in the struggle for a COLA, regardless of citizenship or visa status.” We firmly believe in all graduate workers’ right to demand a dignified life.

We echo the strikers’ demands that COLA payments must not come from “an increase in undergraduate or graduate tuition, campus fees, or university-owned housing rent,” as this would put additional undue burdens on marginalized communities which the demands for COLA seek to empower.

We pledge to withhold any and all donations to UCSB until the demands of the strike are met across the UC system. Instead, we pledge to funnel these donations directly to the UCSB strike fund. We call on UCSB faculty, staff, and undergraduate students to support the strike and refrain from engaging in any actions that would undermine the strike. Likewise, we call on the parents and family members of UCSB students to do the same.

To the striking workers of the UC system: solidarity forever! NO COLA, NO GRADES!
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