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This form is primarily for peer trip gear requests. Club activity sign-up forms will have similar fields to aid logistics.

Peer trip organisation tips (added 8June15)
New L2 graduates (and others not familiar): Now that you have your L2, its always possible for you to pool up together, and arrange your own peer trips (3 or more).

An example to start with is:
1. Get in touch with your peers (hopefully you shared plenty email and tel phone numbers within your classes or use the vaious club WhatsApp groups), and get 3 or more together,
2. Select an evening next week (or other time)
3. Select a venue you are familiar with (i.e. the upper Corrib),
4. Submit a gear request
5. Get out paddling, as much as possible, to refine your new skills and enjoy the summer (even if it is raining).
We will give you plenty advise on best practices on how to run these sessions, for example, ensuring back before dark, checking the weather, etc.

There are other ways to get a group together too, by posting in the peer paddling forum on the GKC website, the GKC Paddlers WhatsApp group, or the GKC New Paddlers WhatsApp group or using Facebook, tinder, or whatever other social media takes your fancy!


We have added the capability for a member to act as the peer trip leader and submit a single request for all members of the party. This will generally be the most experienced and/or most responsible paddler or the group, to the GKC committee, in particular, the safety officer. In this role, it will be expected that this trip leader assesses all attributes of the trip so that it is executed in the safest way possible. The leader will be responsible for the overall organisation of the trip (even if they are not directly organising it), logistics, keys, gear, attaching gear onto vehicles, weather, safety and rescue, venue, trip plan, a leader on the water, etc.

The main purpose of this form is to make sure there is enough gear for everyone for all the activities that are going on.

When you request gear, there is a good chance you will get it, however, the following may cause it to be rejected or fail:

1. You need to sure that you will be safe, so the usual good practice basic safety guidelines (outlined below) apply (not less than three, buoyancy, can swim).
If we figure it's not safe, we will let you know, so you can make alternative plans to make it safer to allow a trip to proceed. This is not normally an issue, but safety is your responsibility here, so ask if you are unsure, especially those new to the sport.

2. Can't get access to a fob or combination lock codes - If you are a new member you may not yet have been able to get a fob to access CBC yourself. Please email the committee and we'll try to make sure you can get in.

3. Clashes with other events (such as beginner courses). Club activities have priority over peer activities.

If you notice anything wrong with the gear, submit a "Gear Damaged" report at so we can fix it.

Your safety is your priority, ensure the gear is safe to use, eg, it has suitable buoyancy, in good condition.
Ensure gear is safely secured to your car. It is up to you if gear falls off.
Check weather, tides, levels, swell, safety gear, paddling and safety skills for the activity.
If in doubt about any aspect of your trip, please ask.


Basic Safety Rules.

The following is a list of minimum guidelines which must be observed & promoted by all members of GKC. This list is by no means exhaustive, other information on water safety is available from the Irish Canoe Union, the RNLI and from the Irish Water Safety Association.

The three basic safety principles are:

1) You must be able to confidently swim at least 25 metres in a river.
2) You must wear a Buoyancy Aid at all times.
3) You must never paddle in a group of less than three people.

Other recommendations include the following:-
1) You must wear the appropriate clothing and equipment for the weather conditions
i.e. suitable wet suit or dry clothing so as to keep you warm.
2) Bring a snack or a drink, you may get hungry or thirsty and a trip may last for longer
than expected.
3) You must wear suitable safety equipment, as a minimum, this includes the following:-
· A Safety Helmet in good condition and fitting properly.
· A Buoyancy Aid in good condition and fitting properly with the correct buoyancy
for your size and weight.
· A wet suit or dry top & trouser.
· A suitable cag jacket.
· Canoe boots with protective soles.
4) You must arrange to have dry clothing to change into at the end of the trip.
5) Have a first aid kit with you and know how to use it.
6) You must wear your helmet (fastened) at all times while on the water and on the river
7) You must not get on to the water until a competent senior paddler(s) is on the water
and with your group.
8) You must remain within the group for the duration of the trip, never break away by yourself and make sure to notify your group immediately if you cannot keep up with them.
9) A group should not move faster than the slowest paddler.
10) Your boat should have suitable flotation, this could include airbags.
11) Always avoid trees, bushes and obstacles in which you could get snagged.
12) Operate a “Buddy System” and look out for each other.
13) Bring a waterproof phone, call one of us if you need advise or help
14) Make use of land-based safety, ie, leave someone on land your plans, what time you plan
to be going out and when you are returning. This safety person can be anyone in the club that knows
what to do in the case that you do not return when you planned to.

Reading this list is not a substitute for proper safety training & taking responsibility for your own safety.

GKC encourage all members to attend proficiency and safety courses organised by the club and other qualified organisations such as the Irish Canoe Union.

Remember… If in Doubt… Ask….

Ref ( May 2015
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Ensure your email is correct, otherwise the system will fail to send you a confirmation email. Expect a response via email for gear requests from someone on the committee
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Helps determine if you will be safe in this trip
Date you need the gear *
Proficiency *
Quick indication of your paddling capabilities
Type of activity (and example location)
Clear selection
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Specify the exact make/model of preferred boat, if you know it, in the comments field below
Include how many sets of gear you request here, if booking for a group. Also, it is a small club, but takes a while for everyone to get know everyone. Indicate here if you joined, got your L2 and/or what you did recently, so the organisers can determine the suitability of the trip for you.
Activity *
Peer trip, location, TRIP DURATION & RETURN TIME
Name *
In case we cannot figure from your email address. Please include parents' name here too, if signing up a junior (U18)
Phone number *
If we need to contact you urgently
Land safety *
We encourage best practice safety behaviours for any activities, provide your land based safety person details (Name/Number) here. Example information to report and logs are recorded here:
Homework *
Give us your version of the weather forecast and tides/levels for your planned trip.
Anti Spam measure: What is the name of the river through Galway (A clue is presented if you get this wrong)? *
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