Building a Community of Practice for OOI Biogeochemical Sensor Datasets
This activity was initially planned as a small workshop in conjunction with the 2021 Ocean Carbon & Biogeochemistry (OCB) summer workshop (June 2021 in Woods Hole, MA). Given the uncertainties related to the pandemic, we would like to identify potentially interested participants early and query their preferred level(s) and mechanism(s) of engagement with this activity to help inform our planning efforts. We anticipate that the development of best practices for different biogeochemical variable sets will require several months of commitment, likely a combination of online engagement and participation in an in-person workshop that will either take place in 2021 or 2022. We envision that members of the oceanographic community may have varied levels of interest in such an activity (e.g., development of detailed OOI sensor data processing guidelines vs. broader scientific applications of OOI biogeochemical data streams). If you have any interest in potentially participating in this activity at any level, please fill out this Google form.
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Virtual small group work in 2021 (2-3 webinars) combined with an in-person small group meeting (June 2021 in conjunction with OCB 2021, if possible) to develop OOI BGC sensor data guidelines
Fully virtual small group work (2021) to develop OOI BGC sensor data guidelines followed by in-person activity in 2022 in conjunction with OCB meeting (and perhaps other opportunities like OSM2022 town hall or tutorial) to share best practices and build capacity in broader oceanographic community
Virtual webinar(s) to showcase scientific applications of OOI BGC data
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