Needs Assessment
This questionnaire aims to identify asylum-seekers' and refugees' needs and how UNHCR can better assist you in meeting them.

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete. All data herewith contained shall only be used for the purposes of the current needs assessment and shall be treated in accordance with the UNHCR Data Protection Policy based on the principles of necessity and proportionality, confidentiality, security, accuracy, purpose specification, legitimate and fair processing, and accountability and supervision. There will be no disclosure of identity or personal data. Participation is voluntary and anonymous. Questions marked with * are mandatory, all other questions are optional. In your answers please only refer to the situation in Bulgaria.

Should you wish to contact UNHCR for further questions, please send an e-mail to or call 02 980 24 53.

If you wish to contact directly the Refugee Advisory Board, please write to More information about the Refugee Advisory Board can be found here:
Hereby I agree that the below information be used for the purposes of this needs assessment. There will be no disclosure of identity or personal data. Should I change my mind at a later stage, I shall notify UNHCR of my decision to withdraw from the survey. *
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