FSS Training: Hunter (14-AUG)
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We wish to partner parents, volunteers and teachers who fully comprehend what it means to be in Forest School, the way of a community, the tools, the commitment, and the lifestyle.

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"Mindset" and "Terms and Conditions"

* "Forest School - Singapore" is an initiative started by "Coach Darren LLP"
^ "Forest School Singapore Trianing" is a program in "Forest School - Singapore"

Your registration will only be confirmed once you have made payment and complete the form. If you have only completed the form without payment, the form will not be valid. There will be no Confirmation slips or email. If you wish to receive any documentation for the registration, please email us at forestschoolsingapore@gmail.com

A whatsapp group would be created 3 days before the training to coordinate with everyone, further details. If you have any enquiries, you are free to email our admin at forestschoolsingapore@gmail.com
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Please read through and understand the mindset required before signing up.

The communication between participants, coordinators and coaches is very important to the complete forest school experience in the personal development of the participants. We encourage frank and honest feedback among all stakeholders, so that we can improve as a community.

Participants are required to align their mindset with the forest school community. The following items listed are pertinent to the development of our participants.

1. Respect among the participants and instructors are important. With that, we have to trust what a participant says, no matter how ridiculous it may sound at times. This is done only when we respect each other. This trust will ripple down the journey, into a greater self-belief in our participants.

3. We allow quarrels. We allow the participants to resolve their disagreements and discussions on their own. This will allow better navigation of the real world, in terms of emotional and social interaction. However, we will stand in their presence to ensure that no one's safety is compromised.

4. Never give negative judgement on participants’ effort and sincerity, no matter what the outcome is. We want our participants to value their journey and efforts, so that they grow the resilience to keep trying. Negative judgement will teach them that other things are more important than their own heart and soul.

5. We all make mistakes, so in the forest school community, we shall all keep an open mind. Always ask “Why did the person make the mistake? Is there something going on in their hearts and minds, that may be troubling them?” We put together our open mind and concern for each other, we will give our participants a loving environment that they can learn much more from, and develop their own wholesome characters and learning journey.

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