Pilot Program Application 2018
For a limited time, QPi Education will be running free pilots of our program in Bay Area schools or after-school organizations. Students will get the opportunity to learn programming skills as we learn how to improve our products and services to best serve educators like you. As our projects are structured to be student-driven, you do not need to be experts in computer science to facilitate the program. Apply today!

Who we're looking for:
Motivated educators or volunteers who want to lead changes in K-12 education and are seeking out more engaging and effective learning tools for STEM.

When can the pilots be run:
May to end of August 2018 (March and April are now filled up). Fall 2018 will also be considered.

What we will supply for the pilot:
- All materials needed for our projects (including Raspberry Pi which will be set-up beforehand)
- Lesson content (video & graphics)
- Technical support for the facilitator

- Each student must have access to a computer with WiFi for the pilot
- We will visit your learning space prior to the pilot program to assess your needs
- (Optional, but recommended): Facilitators for the pilot to attend our in-person training workshop

We have a strong preference for pilots targeted to 5th-12th graders, but the application is open to all K-12 educators. If selected, we will reach out to you to schedule a date & time to visit your campus and assess your needs and expectations for the pilot. If you have any further questions, please contact us at info@qpieducation.com

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If you have a computer science background, which programming languages (at minimum, basic proficiency) do you know?
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