School Re-Opening Parent Survey
Making the decision to close for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year was not easy. The decision was made with the safety of the students, staff and their families as our top priority. Springville Union Elementary School District is preparing for an August 13, 2020 school opening. More details will be coming throughout the summer as there is a great deal of uncertainty about how COVID-19 will impact school campuses by the start of the school year. We are designing scenarios in order to be prepared to continue to deliver high-quality educational opportunities to our students. We are also being mindful to plan schedules that can swiftly adapt in response to current conditions without causing major disruptions to our students. families, and staff.

We are committed to continue to keep our community safe by following the guidelines of the CDC, State of California, County Public Health, and California Department of Education once they are released. We are anticipating recommendations which could include the use of face coverings, modifying recess/break procedures, rethinking physical education, limiting the number of students in a classroom, social distancing in all areas (buses, classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, offices, etc.), additional cleaning measures, and health screening requirements. We understand our families have unique needs and we want to be prepared to support your child/children. In planning reopening scenarios, if the State of California deems it safe to allow schools to reopen, our first choice would be to offer a Traditional Schedule with students attending school a full day, every day on the physical campus (MODEL A). In the event a traditional schedule is not feasible, additional scenarios could include:

Students receive a portion of their instruction and interventions online (Distance Learning) and a portion of instruction and interventions in person on campus. This model limits the number of days students would be on campus and allows for a reduction in the number of students in a classroom meeting the Social Distancing requirement if still in place.

Students would receive daily instruction through pencil/paper/technology-based approach and do not attend the physical school site.

We value your input and want to know how we can support our students, their families, and our staff in being successful in any of the possible scenarios. Please help us by taking a few minutes to respond to the survey questions regarding re-opening our school this fall.

Thank you in advance,

Ms. Connie
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For the 2020 school year: The listed options are dependent upon State and County COVID-19 School Re-Opening Criteria. If the following options are available, please rank your order of preference. *
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MODEL B (Blended at School and Distance Learning)
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Are you comfortable with sending your child/children to school with the implementation of the CDC, State, and County re-opening guidelines (which could include face coverings, modifying recess/break procedures, social distancing, additional cleaning measures, ventilation, and health screening requirements) once released? *
What would your family need SUESD to provide in order to support your child in a distance (on-line) learning? Check all that apply. *
If SUESD bus transportation is limited because of re-opening guidelines, how would your child/children get to and from school? *
Will your child/children require childcare during the 2020/2021 school year? (Check all that apply) *
Please add any other comments that might assist the District in designing a model that will support your family in these uncertain times.
Currently, the District has not been made aware of anyone with a positive test for COVID-19. If you or anyone in your immediate family has tested positive for COVID-19, please contact Ms. Connie at 559-539-2605 or
Thank You for your input. The information collected will be used to help finalize the District's Re-Opening Plan.
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