Virtually There Book Fest 2017 Order Form ~ M.L. Kacy
As part of Virtually There Book Fest, I'm offering signed paperbacks internationally for a limited time. I am also offering signed bookplates.

How it works:
Once you've completed this form, you will be sent a PayPal invoice at the end of the event. Upon payment, your book(s)/bookplate(s) will be signed and shipped to you. If you live outside of the UK, please allow up to a month for your order to reach you.

Invoices will be in pound sterling. If paying in another currency, PayPal will do the conversions for you.

Swag will be included with each order.


Please note these are estimates for 1 - 2 books and shipping costs will vary depending on the book and quantity ordered.
UK: £3 to £5
US/Canada: £12 to £15
Australia: £12 - £23

UK: £1
US/Canada: £2
Australia: £2

If your country is not listed, your shipping will be quoted on an individual basis via email before an invoice is sent to you.

Please note PayPal fees will be added to the invoices.

If you have any questions email M.L. Kacy @

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Living A Lie (Part One)
Darkness Surrounds (Living A Lie Part Two)
Living A Lies Series Part One & Part Two
If you order the part 1 & 2 of the Living A Lie Series books you will get a discount. I can offer you all three books on the pre order form for a special rate of £12.00 thus saving you £2.00 on the extra savings I've already included in the prices.
If you would like multiple copies of any of the above books, please note below.
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Bookplate - 50p
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What name should I sign the book(s)/bookplate(s) to?
Please be specific if ordering more than one book, and check spelling.Your answer
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Shipping address
Shipping address
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