Osmosis Medical Education Fellowship (OMEF) Application
Thank you for your interest in the Osmosis Medical Education Fellowship (OMEF)! We are excited to learn more about you and your interest in improving medical education!

We are inviting current Osmosis Prime members who meet the eligibility requirements below to apply to be an Osmosis Medical Education Fellow (OMEF). This is a competitive application and we will only be accepting 1-2 students per school. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.


- First or second year medical student (MD/DO/MBBS). While we plan on expanding the OMEF program, we are currently starting small with the number of Fellows. Third year students with availability may be considered.

- Current Osmosis Prime Member. You must be a current Osmosis Prime member who has a demonstrated appreciation for our content, platform, and its capabilities.

- Belief in the Osmosis Vision & Mission. We have embedded our 3.5 minute vision, mission, and values video on our website (https://www.osmosis.org/about) . We are seeking Fellows who are aligned with what we aim to accomplish.


- Be heard - You will be the main representative at your school providing feedback to Osmosis as we work to transform medical & health education.

- Help your classmates - Osmosis provides ample free resources that you'll be able to share with your classmates, helping them succeed as well.

- Get paid - Fellows will receive a stipend of $500 per semester, paid monthly.

- Build your resume - This is a leadership & educational opportunity with ample potential to interview leaders in medical education, publish research, and receive a letter of recommendation from the Osmosis team.

- Receive Osmosis textbooks & swag - Osmosis will send you complimentary copies of the textbooks (books.osmosis.org) and swag (shop.osmosis.org) such as mugs, shirts, and stickers.

- Broaden your network - Make connections with Thought Leaders in Medical Education and fellow medical students. As your school's Fellow, you will be able to meet students (your future clinical colleagues) at different programs, as well as meet with Osmosis leadership and other leaders in Medical Education.

- Publish and present research - OMEF members will have the opportunity to publish & present research with the Osmosis Research team, which to-date has published 10 peer-reviewed papers.

- Get exclusive access - Get early and exclusive access to new Osmosis content and features.


- Meet once per month - We will host a one-hour meeting each month to share exclusive updates on the Osmosis product, content, and research efforts. There will be pre-reading and surveys that will streamline these meetings.

- Sync your school calendar - In order for Osmosis to recommend the right content at the right time, we need to ensure that your calendar is up-to-date so it'll be your responsibility to make sure that this is the case for your school.

- Peer-to-peer resource - Serve as an on-campus resource for classmates who have questions about how to best use Osmosis, ranging from occasional 1:1 meetings to class-wide presentations.

- Provide feedback to Osmosis - We'd love to hear what is working and what can be improved so we can fulfill our mission of providing the best learning experience possible to clinicians & caregivers.

- Disseminate Osmosis books and swag - When we run school deals or visit schools we like to come with gifts! You will be the point person to whom we send these items, so you can distribute them to classmates!

- Share free Osmosis resources with your classmates - Osmosis Basic provides plenty of high-yield and free resources, including hundreds of videos, the ability to create your own content, and e-books. You will periodically share these resources to help your classmates succeed.

- Contribute to our blog and research projects - Get published by contributing your written work or research assistance.

Please note, this application form is only the first step of the application and there will be additional steps to complete.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to careers@osmosis.org.

Thank you!
The Osmosis Team

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