One Poem a Day Won't Kill You, 2020
The Desmond-Fish Public Library and The Highlands Current invite you to nominate yourself as a participant in their celebration of April as National Poetry Month.

Each day in April, we will feature an audio recording of a community member reading a favorite published poem, to be distributed in podcast form.

To be considered, please submit this form, including your name, local address, email, title and text of the poem to be read, and information about your availability. Recording will take place at the DFPL Innovation & Learning Center during February and March.

Our goal is to represent community members and poetry as broadly as possible, and may not be able to feature every reader on the daily podcast, all recordings will be archived at the Desmond-Fish Public Library and made available for access on our website.

“One Poem a Day Won’t Kill You” is a concept borrowed 
from KRBD Radio Station in Ketchikan, Alaska, which has made this an annual tradition for nearly 20 years.


Poems should be selected from published works, and may not be the reader's own creation. Readers are invited to discuss their choice of poem and what it means to them during the recording session, but are not required to do so.
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