Podcast Response
Visit this website: http://www.missedinhistory.com/podcasts/

Most of the Podcasts are about 30mins. You can download them and listen to them whenever, or even stream them online.

There are a variety of topics to choose from. Pick one, listen to the podcast, complete and submit the following form. Write your responses in complete sentences and avoid responses like "I thought this was interesting because I liked it." Put some time and thought into your responses.

I do give more points for more detailed responses, so don't think that simply typing a sentence to fill in the box will get you the most amount of points!
Maximum Points: 20 extra credit points

**To be clear, this is an INDIVIDUAL extra credit activity. That means that I should not see identical podcast responses. If I suspect copying, neither person will receive extra credit.

You may only complete one podcast response per unit!
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