I have an EMPTY property for people to stay in
Do you have an empty property available for healthcare workers or people left needing accommodation by COVID19? Please fill out the form below and we will match people in need with your property.

Your contact information will not be shared with anyone- only suburb and accommodation capacity will be public. If there is a match with someone in need of evacuation, we'll get in touch. Once the need has passed, this list will be deleted. If you have any questions regarding privacy, email findabedau@gmail.com.
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If unsure, please select "Other" and identify where you think someone might have trouble accessing your property e.g. "There is lift access to the apartment but a step to get into the living room"
Is the property ready to live in right now?
Consider: Is the place furnished? Are all utilities (water, power, internet) connected? Is the property well-maintained enough to be safely inhabited? NOTE: Please select "Other" if unsure, or if you can work with the person staying there to resolve the issue. E.g. "Property just needs a few lightbulbs replaced"
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