Application to "Empathic Step #2: Running in Northern Ireland"
This is an application form for Erasmus+ youth exchange "Empathic Step #2: Running in Northern Ireland", in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, 26 April - 5 May 2021.

Project is divided between two places:
26 April - 2 May in Bushmills
2-5 May in Belfast, where you can choose to run 10km distance and participate 8km or 42km in Belfast marathon.

Please read carefully all the questions and take your time to answer in detail.

Infopack: and if you have any questions, feel free to contact at

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What is your running / sports / outdoors / hiking experience? *
What option / distance would you like to run in Belfast / the Belfast Marathon most? *
On the 6th day of the youth exchange (3rd of May) there is a famous Belfast marathon. On this day we will go from Bushmills to Belfast. You have 3 options: (1) take a free running in the city any route you prefer, at any distance you wish, but preferably 10km to make a symbolic participation in the marathon, (2) pay £65 and run 42.2km (full marathon) official Belfast marathon (3) pay £28 and run together with 5 persons a ~8.4km distance, so called Team Relay - running in teams of five the distance of all marathon, thus each would run 42.2/5=8.4 km. All options require in depth preparation before arrival to the YE.
International experience until now: how many Erasmus+ projects you have participated in so far? *
Please describe International experiences if you had any and what was your biggest learning? *
What do you do for developing your empathy? *
What is your experience in photo and video making? Please present some of your latest works in links (no matter language) *
5 minute task: create a small campaign on "Empathic Step" theme (can be anything you like, for example, creating 7 posts to develop empathy or 9 ways how to take responsibility or sharing 10 steps how to make a change, or 5 things to take care when running. This campaign should be targeted for your friends and community to participate and get better at something, for example running. The more people will follow / like / comment on your campaign, the better. This campaign is also for you to learn and attract audiences to your causes) *
You can use social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), personal website, blog, other creative ways. Please tag @abroadship and use #empathicstep and for us to follow your campaign and make it more visible and seen by local community.
Please share a song that reflects you at this moment. *
Other remarks:
(optional) Do you have a British visa or EU passport or ID card, such as dual citizenship (relevant only for Turkish participants, who need either VISA or dual EU citizenship to enter UK)?
By submitting this application I acknowledge the following conditions:

1. I will come fully prepared (will read infopack and materials sent by organisers). I confirm that I have and will bring suitable running and hiking clothes: sturdy comfortable waterproof footwear for hiking (walking boots), waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers, hat, clothes to layer, to keep warm (cotton/wool), backpack for hiking. I am aware that programme includes running every second day and at least 10km run in Belfast marathon and I will start preparing for it already now. I agree that I am fully responsible for my own health during the project. I confirm that i will bring suitable shoes, clothes and whatever needs for the running and marathon and will test it before-hand.

2. I will take part full duration of the programme. I acknowledge that this youth exchange is a learning process and not a holiday, therefore I am committed to work on my development and manage my own learning, supported by the facilitators and peers. Reimbursement will take only if I participate in full duration of the programme.

3. I will take part in the post project activities: preparation, participation, filling the evaluation form and disseminate the results.

4. I agree that group photos and videos (where 2 or more participants are visible) taken in the project can be fully used in any material by

5. I take full responsibility for my own insurance. I understand that the information provided on special needs does not remove my personal responsibility for ensuring my own health.

6. I agree with all conditions stated in the information package on
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