Thank you for signing in for tutoring. We hope you have a positive experience. If you have questions or concerns, please let us know by emailing: cs@uww.edu. Please read our policies and procedures before your first tutoring session.

Treat staff and students respectfully
Keep speaking volume at an acceptable level that does not distract others from their work.
Please use language that is appropriate to a professional setting.

Be patient, remember that there may be other students that need tutoring help. Tutors will assist you as time and demands allow.

Come prepared for tutoring. Bring any relevant assignment descriptions, notes, and materials with you so that our tutors can do their best to understand the problem and assist you.

Read and attempt to do the assignment on your own before asking for help. Show your work on problems so far, regardless of whether you think it is good or bad.

Bring specific issues or concepts you are having difficulty with. Have specific questions for tutors instead of, "How do I do this?"

Cooperate with tutors and respect their recommendations, suggestions, and instruction on best practices.

Remember that the goal of the tutoring program is to help you through the learning process to become an independent student. Tutoring is not to be used in place of class attendance.
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