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Thank you for using Snap Soccer’s tournament request service.

Processing all the request that are made for a soccer tournament is a extremely difficult task and we do our best to meet the needs of all the teams attending. However, not all request are always able to be met and we ask for the upmost professionalism as we work through the process.

We use a seniority system when processing request to keep it fair…Here is how it works
1) Club with the most teams in event
2) Teams that apply and pay first
3) Teams that have attended in the past

Our scheduling and request process goes like this.

Phase 1: Bracketing Request
When you signed up we asked you what division your team would like to be placed in. We take that information along with your ranking and place your team in the proper division. Please review the brackets and if you feel there was an error in your placement we will review.

Phase 2: Scheduling Time and Location
After your team is seeded and placed in the appropriate bracket we schedule the games based on availability and coaching conflicts. If your coach has more than 1 team we can not guarantee that he/she will be able to make all your games. Please work with your club and parents to ensure there is a process in place in the event that the head coach may run late or may not be able to attend the game.

Phase 3: Finalizing Schedule
When the event staff feels that the tournament is ready to finalize the schedule we will notify all the teams that the schedule is live. DO NOT share the schedule with your parents until the schedule is finalized. At this point we will not consider any more request.

Please Submit all Request by Saturday (11am) 9/28/19
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