EYE on Professional Cards for Engineers
Reading this introduction will help forming an understanding of current work done within the European Commission that might affect Engineers. Through this survey Young Engineers can give their point of view and make their voice heard.
It is recommended to read the text and/or watch the explanatory youtube video. Links with more information can be found below.
Video explaining European Professional Card

The Professional Qualifications Directive within the EU, aims to provide a system of recognition of professional experience across the EU. The introduction of the European Professional Card (EPC) is one of their major projects.

The EPC is an electronic procedure that professionals can use to have their professional qualifications recognised in another EU country. It is easier and quicker to manage than traditional qualification recognition procedures, and more transparent: you can keep track of your application on-line and re-use already uploaded documents to start new applications for different countries.

Professionals can start their application online with their home authority (the country where they are established or where they obtained their qualifications). The application can be submitted in any EU language thanks to the structured multilingual questions and translation facilities,
The EPC does not replace the ‘traditional’ recognition procedures foreseen by the Professional Qualifications Directive, but it does offer an advantageous option for professionals who wish to work either temporarily or permanently in another EU country.

The card is currently available ONLY for five professions (nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, real estate agents and mountain guides) and MIGHT ALSO BE EXTENDED to other professions in the future, as engineers. For now other professionals have to rely on the standard procedures to have their professional qualifications recognised. The European Commission had suggested including engineers in the first group of professions to be covered by the EPC but at that time Member States could not agree to this.​


To gain further understanding about the need of an EPC, the Commission is open to receiving expressions of interest by relevant stakeholders. To date, there are no specific timelines for an extension to cover the engineering profession. EYE wants to submit to the European Commission a position paper on the European Professional Card, expressing the interest and the opinions of its members.


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