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We're excited to share feedback with you around areas for employee development and opportunity based on your responses to the below questionnaire:
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Are you actively investing in your people? *
We aren't today.
We invest heavily in our people.
Are you promoting internally? *
We hire managers and leaders externally.
We actively promote internally.
Do you have an active mentorship program in place? *
We don't.
We do and it's producing great value.
Are you running 360 degree reviews and then incorporating this feedback into employee development plans? *
We don't have a formal review process.
We run a 360 review and incorporate feedback into development.
Are you satisfied with your employee retention today? *
Turnover is high.
Our people are excited about their opportunity with us.
Are your employees satisfied? *
We have a lot to learn.
Company culture is an area we're really proud of.
Are you actively investing in diversity and/or gender equity within your workplace?
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Feel free to reach out to us directly at contact@shesindependent.com or learn more about us and our resourcing here: https://shesindependent.com/pages/corporate-partnership
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