ASA Blue Hawks '13 Tryouts
Tryouts for the 2021-22 Season. ASA Blue Hawks '13 are a very competitive team who will be looking to play Travel Soccer in the Fall. The following year will most likely consist of:

Fall 2021
Weekly Practice 2x Per Week
CMSSL League Play
2-3 Tournaments

Winter 2021
Winter Training
Indoor League

Spring 2022
Weekly Practice 2x Per Week
CMSSL League Play
2-3 Tournaments

May 21st - 6:30pm @ Waugh Chapel Elementary

Please arrive by 6:15pm to sign-in.

Address: 840 Sunflower Dr., Odenton, MD 21113

Please contact Head Coach Rickey Earles for more information or any questions.
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I / we agree to abide by all AA County Covid protocols & RETURN TO PLAY GUIDELINES(Updated March 2021)Masks must be worn at all times by players, coaches, volunteers, and parents except when on the field of playIt is important that everyone continues to observe ALL social distancing guidelines.• If you are sick or feel sick, you should remain home.• When on the playing field players do not need to wear mask, however when they return to the sidelines if they cannot practice safe social distancing, they should wear a mask.• Masks are required in all areas except when on the field of play;o Masks are not required for players and officials while on the field of play, but arerecommended• Players on the sidelines should be spaced out. Players should place their bags, water, etc. at a reasonable distance apart and return to their bag during breaks. Each player should remain at their bag until they return to the field or leave. Important that coaches reinforce this throughout the training sessions.• Players/coaches should avoid or limit contact, such as:o high fives, team huddles, arms around players, snacks, sharing water bottles/drinks, etc.• Parents/guardians and family are allowed to attend practices, trainings, and games but should ensure that proper social distancing is maintained. Youth sports gatherings and events are not open to the general public. Masks must be worn at all times by all spectators. A representative from each team must ensure Social Distancing and Return to Play Guidelines are followed.• If there are teams already on the field playing when your team arrives for warm up, you may NOT enter the field until that team leaves and takes their equipment. Teams may warm up at in an area away from the field of play.• When your game/training is over leave the game field promptly. If Coaches want to speak to players, you may move to another area on the field away from the main field. If you cannot social distance when speaking, you must put on a mask and so must the players.• Team staff should wipe down the player bench(es) before and after games. Please decide who will bring disinfectant to the fields and who will wipe down the bench(es).• A list of players, coaches and volunteers who attend each practice and game shouldbe kept. This list may be requested by the MD Health Department if someone testspositive for COVID-19. * *
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