Chimes Section Editor Application 2019-20
DUE: 5:00 p.m. Friday, April 26.

Section editors are responsible for the content and layout of their individual sections. The time commitment for a section editor is roughly 5-10 hours a week, including Wednesday layout nights. Section editors will receive a $300 stipend per semester.

Duties include:
- generating story ideas
- laying out their individual pages
- assigning stories to staff writers
- working with writers to improve content and style before publication
- addressing content issues raised by copy editors on articles in their sections
- remaining available on layout nights until their pages have been approved twice
- writing articles
- attending training sessions during the course of the academic year

Section editors are hired for a full academic year. Exceptions for off-campus interims, semesters abroad or graduating early are sometimes granted by Chimes leadership.

Note: If you also wish to apply for head copy editor, multimedia editor or layout editor, you need to fill out those applications separately (though you may reuse answers and work samples).

Please direct any questions to

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