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2021 Enrolment Form for Suzuki Violin lessons, Musical Tots Suzuki Baby & Toddler Music classes & Theory classes with LMC Music Studio
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From time to time, I take photos/videos of students, Group Lessons, Concerts etc. and would like to use some of these on the LMC Music Studio Website/Facebook pages.
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Studio Terms & Conditions
i. Please wash your hands and/or use hand sanitiser before entering the studio space.
ii. Please do not come to the studio if anyone visiting the studio has been unwell at all.
iii. Zoom lessons are encouraged if a violin student is sick whenever possible. If a violin student cannot attend a Zoom lesson due to sickness, the lesson is forfeited. As a guideline; if a student is too sick to attend school/pre-school, they are too sick to attend the studio.
iv. Where I cancel a lesson, an adjustment will be made to the next invoice, reflecting this.
v. Where a violin student cannot attend a lesson (owing to a school trip or similar) and at least one week's notice has been given, a catch-up lesson may be offered subject to space available within my teaching hours during the current term. If no space is available, or the time offered is declined, the lesson is forfeited.
vi. If you or I choose to discontinue lessons, this may be done at the end of a term providing a minimum of 4 weeks notice has been received. This allows enough time to inform students on the waiting list of the available space for the next term.
vii. Accounts will be sent via e-mail as each term begins. Fees are due 14 days after invoice. I reserve the right to withhold lessons if accounts are overdue.
viii. The preferred method of payment is via internet banking. Bank account details are on each invoice and statement
ix. If there is a need for your account to be transferred to a Debt Collection Agency, all fees incurred by this service are at your expense.

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