Harry Potter Escape Room- PCPL
It was a dark and stormy night during quarantine, and you decide you finally have the time to read a big book series. You've heard so much about the Harry Potter books that you decide to sit down and start reading.

You love the first book so much that you read it in one night. When you go to reach for book two *CRACK* your room shakes with thunder and your dark windows show lightning so bright you can see the outlines of your neighbor's houses. Only, it's not your neighbor's houses you see... it's the outline of a castle!

You look around and your room has changed. It looks like a medieval castle, with stone walls, statues of knights in armor, and banners everywhere. You look at the banners more closely and you see they are made of four distinct designs: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin.

You gasp as you realize what happened! You don't know how, but you've been sucked into Hogwarts! You look more carefully and discover the only exits are four distinct doors...
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