For the past two decades, Pennsylvania’s Latino population has more than doubled – at the edge of reaching 1 million. This growth has provided challenges and opportunities for public sector entities and private sector progress.

To proactively and intentionally address these changes in demographics, we took some concerted measures translating it into a positive impact for the commonwealth aligning this growth with Pennsylvania’s roadmap to the future.

We are thrilled to announce that we are bringing – The Pennsylvania Latino Convention! And, we want you to be a part of this unprecedented journey as we approach 1 million Latinos in Pennsylvania. The convention is scheduled for September 20-22 at the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square.

Consider becoming a VOLUNTEER for this historic initiative – be a piece of the puzzle to make our community whole!

“Latino Roots, American Dreams: 1 Million Strong”

• Latino-Driven
• Inclusive Agenda
• Selfless Leadership
• Ethical Transactions
• Professional Conduct
• Respect for the Rights, Differences, and Dignity of Others
• Honesty and Integrity in Dealing with all Members of the Community
• Accountability for Personal Behavior
• A Commitment of Honor, Honesty and Stewardship
• Pride, Ownership and Empowerment

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