Cam Quiz
How much do you know about Cameron Laforest, about his personal preferences and his statistical output in one year as Spafford's drummer? Take the quiz and find out. One lucky winner will receive a copy of the "For Amusement Only" CD and a miniature Jon Rose print. Good luck!
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What is your name, your handle, and your Facebook name? *We know you know this, we just need to know this to let you know if you knew enough to win.*
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What is Cam's favorite flavor of ice cream?
If Cam wasn't a drummer, which instrument would he most want to play?
Cam has performed Backdoor Funk more than he has performed Leave The Light On.
Which was Cam's favorite sit-in?
What is Cam's middle name?
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How many song debuts has Cam performed? *Originals and covers included*
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Which of the following songs has Cam played as many times as he is years old?
What is Cam's spirit animal?
How many U.S. States has Cam not yet performed in with Spafford? *Only looking at States, not territories and principalities*
Who snores the loudest on the bus?
How many Spafford originals has Cam performed live?
If Cam could hang out with one famous musician, living or dead, who would it be?
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Why is Cam the man? *This question is un-scored, we just want to hear what you think.*
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