Unity Outreach Ministries of Unity Lutheran Chuch Volunteer Application
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Unity Outreach Ministries is a ministry of Unity Lutheran Church. *
We, the congregation of Unity Lutheran Church, see ourselves as disciples of Jesus, doing his work today. Are you willing to join us in Jesus' mission to accept all people regardless of age, race, socioeconomic status, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, zip code, body order, sobriety?
Unity Outreach Ministries accepts all people to serve in Jesus' mission. *
We, the congregation of Unity Lutheran Church, have established a written policy pertaining to volunteering. Have you read and do you agreed to follow the volunteer policy including agreeing to hold Unity Lutheran Church, staff and volunteers harmless?
Unity Outreach Ministries welcomes youth volunteers of all ages. *
We, the congregation of Unity Lutheran Church, believe that all people are called into God's mission and we strive to incorporate many generations into everything we do. Please select which describes you the best:
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Are you coming as part of a group? If so, how many in your group? Do you need volunteer hours for something specific? If so, what and how many hours? If you need hours for court, please list your court date, offense and number of hours needed.
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