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Thank you for supporting our farm! Please fill out this form and we will be in touch with how to send your deposit online (PayPal or Venmo) or via check.
Would you like to reserve a half hog, whole hog or multiple hogs? Hogs will be ready for harvest September-November 2021. Visit our website for all the details about the estimated weights and costs for half/whole hogs: *
Buying a whole/half hog involves two fees on a single invoice from NVF: one fee for the pork itself and one fee for the processing (curing bacon, cutting chops, grinding trim into ground pork, etc.). All the details and estimated costs are listed on our website: *
Are you interested in other local food and delights raised by us or our farmer friends in the area? Check all that apply and we'll let you know how to order! *
Would you like your meat delivered to your door in reusable NVF tote bags? Home delivery is $50 and will be added to your deposit. *
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Thank you! We'll be in touch with how to send your deposit online or via check.
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