Feedback on Teacher (2019-20)
Depending upon number of teachers teaching to you, fill up that many feedback forms. eg. If there are 5 teachers fill up and submit 5 feedback forms. The feedback will be used only for further improvement in teaching quality.
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Subjects taught by the said teacher *
The teacher completes the entire syllabus in time *
The teacher discusses the topic and interacts with the students *
The teacher communicates clearly and inspires me by teaching *
The teacher is punctual and starts lecture on time *
The teacher comes well prepared for the class *
The teacher encourages participation and interaction in the class *
The teacher uses modern teaching tools such as power point presentation, web resources, etc. *
The teacher's attitude towards students is helpful *
The teacher is available and accessible to the students *
The evaluation process is fair and unbiased *
Regular and timely feedback is given on our syllabus *
Periodical assessment is conducted *
I have learnt and understood the subject material in this course *
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