WRHC Conference Hosting Application
Thank you for your interest in hosting a future Western Regional Honors Conference! Please fill out the form below with as much information as possible and submit it electronically below to the WRHC President’s Council no later than one month prior to any scheduled WRHC business meeting. These meetings are typically held at our regional conferences in March/April, and at NCHC in November.

Submitting this form obligates neither your institution nor the Western Regional Honors Council to hold a conference with your institution as host. A formal decision on a host site is taken at a business meeting by majority vote of WRHC members after a prospective institution has formally requested to host and after the President’s Council has placed a host site discussion on a meeting agenda.
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Institution Name + Honors Program/College (e.g. University of Nevada, Reno Honors Program) *
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Name of Honors Dean or Director (if not same person as above)
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Has this application been endorsed by your institution's higher administration (Vice Provost, Provost, or similar)? *
Year(s) interested in Hosting *
Has your institution hosted a Western Regional Honors Conference before? *
Have units at your institution hosted a similar regional or national conference in recent years? *
If so, which conference, and when? Provide links to conference website if possible.
Typical WRHC attendance is between 250-350 students and staff. Does your institution have the capacity to host the conference on campus (minimum one large ballroom/assembly space for meals including a conference dinner, 5-10 breakout rooms with A/V capacity for 1.5 days)? Provide details here, with links to facility descriptions if possible: *
If your institution cannot accommodate 250-300 conference guests on campus, does a hotel or conference center in your city have similar ballroom/breakout room capacity as outlined above? Provide details here, with links to hotel or conference center descriptions if possible: *
Past conferences have required between 50-80 hotel rooms (shared occupancy) depending on location, with a price point between $85-120 per night. Does your institution have accommodation space meeting these requirements on or adjacent to campus? *
If not, does your city have such a hosting capacity meeting these requirements in hotels close to campus? *
Hosting a conference requires significant advance planning and the active leadership of at least two Honors staff or faculty members. In addition, undergraduate students, grad assistants, and clerical staff are typically integral to the team. Please list below the position titles of key staff who would be on your planning team, as well as the number of students who could be tasked with conference preparation and execution: *
What highlights of your institution would be of interest to potential conference attendees? *
What attractions in your city or region would be of interest to potential conference attendees? Please also provide links to these attractions or a general attractions webpage for your city here. *
WRHC by-laws state that the conference budget of the host institution must be planned to provide a modest surplus, and that WRHC funds cannot be used to cover any conference-related deficits host institutions may later experience. WRHC can provide a refundable stipend to host institutions as seed money, which must be returned to WRHC regardless of final conference deficit or surplus. *
WRHC conference registration fees have been $160/$180 (early bird/late) for students and $180/$200 (early bird/late) for faculty and staff – using participant numbers as above – since 2013. This fee structure has been sufficient to host the conference and return a small surplus to WRHC. Other than registration fees and a possible WRHC stipend, what sources of funding are potentially available to host a conference at your institution? Click all that apply and provide details below: *
Please provide any other information the WRHC can take into consideration in support of your interest in hosting an upcoming Western Regional Honors Conference: *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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