Rubik's Nations Cup 2019 Team Submission
This is the submission form for the 2019 Rubik's Nations Cup, an unofficial team event to be held at Rubik's presents WCA World Championship 2019.

Teams must comprise 3 members all representing the same country.

Please only submit this form once.

Country of Representation (eg, Australia)
Team Member 1 Name
Team Member 1 WCA ID (eg, 2012MCNE01)
Team Member 1 T-Shirt Size
Team Member 2 Name
Team Member 2 WCA ID (eg, 2012MCNE01)
Team Member 2 T-Shirt Size
Team Member 3 Name
Team Member 3 WCA ID (eg, 2012MCNE01)
Team Member 3 T-Shirt Size
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