Parent Workshops - Maths!
Dear all,

At St. Stephen's we're incredibly passionate about teaching maths with a strong focus on developing a positive attitude towards it as a subject.

We'd love for you to come along to one of our Parent Workshops that we will be running to give you a little more insight into how we do maths the 'St. Stephen's' way, the rationale behind this, and, most usefully to you all, some practical ideas and activities that you can do to support your child along the way.

I'd like to make these sessions as engaging and hands on as possible in a friendly and safe environment for as many parents and carers to attend as possible. In order to do this, could I kindly ask you to complete this form to provide me with further information so I can make them as successful and enjoyable as possible for you all.

I hope to see many of you attending for what is sure to be an enjoyable and exciting opportunity for all.

Many thanks,

Grace Mizon
Assistant Headteacher
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Would you be interested in attending a parent workshop to support your child at home with maths? *
If you attended training, would you want it to be specific to the year group your child is in or would you like to see the journey of how you can support your child over time? *
At what time would attending the training suit you best? Please tick all that would apply. *
Is there anything you would like the workshops to focus on specifically? *
If you couldn't attend, would you be interested in receiving the information/having the training film so it would be accessible at another time for you?
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Would you be interested in coming in to support the children on a day of cross-curricular maths learning through Art? *
Please feel free to leave any additional comments, questions or queries below regarding maths
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