July reservation slots are now available. Thank you for all your support!

While we are looking to rebuild our Momi Nonmi team. Momi Nonmi will continuing offer our Chef Chris Omakase dining in experience.

Minimum 2 people
Maximum 10 people

For dining in Omakase we are offering the followings only:

All Omakase is per person

Chef Chris premium Omakase $165 per person (included table side sushi courses-6 to 7 nigiri)

Nigiri Omakase $165 per person
Three light appetizers and 15 courses of nigiri selected by chef Chris

Premium nigiri Omakase $180 per person
3 light appetizers and about 15 to 18 courses of today’s finest nigiri selected by chef Chris

$230 上 Imperial grand slam Omakase per person. 18 courses that might included crab, Hokkaido scallop, uni, toro, sweet shrimp, tofu, seafood chawanmushi, A3 Wagyu, 7-8 sushi courses & a dessert

$275 特 supreme grand slam Omakase per person. 20-22 courses that might included Hokkaido scallop, uni, caviar, toro courses, ikura uni chawanmushi, truffle, tofu, with sushi courses that included Japanese fish, (sushi will be only belly cut) toro, A5 Wagyu & a dessert

All Omakase options are for per person. Please note the entire party have to participate the same Omakase for the best experience.

(Beverages, 3% kitchen appreciation fee, tax & gratuity not included)
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