Chillennium 2019 Judges/Mentors Application
Thanks for your interest in helping foster the future of game development! Tell us a little bit about yourself and we will get back to you on your being a judge or mentor!

As a Mentor, you will be offering advice and constructive feedback for the participants throughout the competition. Although they are not allowed to physically create any content or designs for the games or influence the judging process at the end, they are welcome to answer questions and give advice regarding techniques, best practices, or design ideas. Mentors are also welcome to stay for the entire weekend of the event or participate at a time frame of their choosing throughout the event.

As a Judge, you will join other industry professionals at the end of the Jam to help score the participant’s games for overall scores and any special recognition in categories of Art, Design, Sound, and Programming, depending on their area of expertise. It is not entirely necessary for them to attend the Game Jam until Sunday of October 6th, the final day of Chillennium. However, they are more than welcome to join us on Friday or Saturday as well. Unlike mentors, judges are not allowed to offer critique or advice to teams until after the games are scored at the end, in order to prevent any bias towards the judging process.

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