Request for a Promotional T-Shirt (No Logo)
I'd love to help get a simple apparel design to to help promote your business (in US, UK, or Germany.)

How this works: You make a suggestion, I may/may not contact you for more information, I create the design and upload it to and make it publicly available. I will alert you when the shirt is available for your direct purchase from

Note: This form is not intended to request custom work for your business. If you are interested in buying custom apparel with your business logo through a private link, complete this form:

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Just list the job title / type of business, i.e. instructor, nail salon, auto body shop, etc. If not obvious, please indicate your target audience.
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I collected the email address above, so I can be sure to alert you when the t-shirt is "live" on If you wish, add any notes here that may be helpful! I will not be including your personal information on the apparel or the listing information. Thank you for your submission.
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