50 HOUR FILM Competition
Finished making your film? You have until 9PM Sunday (your local time) to complete.


1) Export film under 2GB and begin uploading your film to 50hourfilm@gmail.com
using this free service http://free.mailbigfile.com

Don't worry, your upload does NOT have to finish before 9PM, just begin!
You can also use Dropbox if you prefer.

2) Download the paperwork, print and sign it, and mail it to our office:
LEFT - 14 Midburn Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4C 2C9 Canada


3) Fill out this wrap-up form.

That's it! Congratulations. You'll be hearing from us soon. If you took any before and after photos or any behind the scenes shots, we'd love to see them. Email them to us or tag your photos on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram with #50HourFilm
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Tell us what will set your film apart. Did you shoot it all in one take, are you proud of an effect or acting moment? Point out your favourite part.
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