Justice Roundtable June 2018 Survey
Please let us know how you use www.justiceroundtable.org
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The Justice Roundtable's website posts justice-related news, events, opportunities and resources. Have you visited www.justiceroundtable.org before?
The Justice Roundtable website includes news and resources categorized by issue area, local and national events, fellowship, internship and job opportunities and ways to take local and national action. Is the design of the website organized and easily navigable?
Have you ever read the Convener's Corner?
Other than your own, how many other organizational websites do you visit that feature information/events/resources from your organization?
Do you feel that JusticeRoundtable.org is a strong resource for partners and allies?
What organizations have you seen included on JusticeRoundtable.org?
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Have you noticed your own events, activities and resources posted on justiceroundtable.org?
Did you know that events are archived on the Justice Roundtable website?
Have you ever used the Take Action page on JusticeRoundtable.org?
What would you like to see more of on the website?
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Do you feel that JusticeRoundtable.org is a valuable resource benefiting the Washington criminal justice community?
Why do you visit JusticeRoundtable.org?
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Tell us why you appreciate JusticeRoundtable.org.
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