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ALPHA Camp 的使命,是協助人們準備未來的職涯,這是我們相信能讓世界變得更美好的途徑。

自 2014 年起,我們以台灣和新加坡為基礎,放眼亞洲,已幫助數千人獲取新技能並拓展新的職涯。現在,我們正在尋找新的伙伴和我們一起開發「全端網路開發」學習產品。


我們將透過以下問題來了解你的 (1) 個人期望;(2) 技術經歷;(3) 可配置的時間資源。若有題目格式無法充分表達的細節,歡迎透過任何形式來傳達給我們!

At ALPHA Camp, our mission is to empower people in Asia to prepare themselves for the future of work. That is how we will make the world a better place.

Since 2014 and with operations in Taiwan and Singapore, we have helped thousands of people across Asia learn new skills and launch new careers. We are always looking for new content contributors to help develop our Full-stack Web Development Track.

Thank you for responding to us. Due to the many roles involved in learning product development, the purpose of this questionnaire is to help us better understand your background and experience, so as to provide more accurate and appropriate next steps.

This will help us to understand your (1) personal expectations; (2) technical experience; and (3) availability. If there is anything we have missed or that you weren't able to include in this form, please let us know if the Comments Section or via email!

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