Freegle Membership Application
Application for membership of Freegle Limited.

Freegle Limited is Registered in England as an Industrial and Provident Society for the Benefit of the Community.  
Registration no:  32410R
Registered office: Weaver's Field, Loud Bridge, Chipping, PR3 2NX
FCA registry record:
More details:

OBJECTS:  The objects of the Society shall be to carry on any business for the benefit of the community by:
- Promoting the keeping of usable items out of landfill.
- Promoting and supporting local community groups working in the area of reuse.
- Empowering and supporting volunteers working for local Freegle groups.
- Informing and educating the public about environmental matters related to the reuse and recycling of unwanted usable goods.
- Promoting sustainable waste management practices.

Membership Enquiries -

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I would like to apply for one share in Freegle Limited and undertake to pay the sum of £1 as a one off payment for this. I understand that this will allow me to become actively involved in the democratic process of running the Society, standing for nomination to the Board of Directors and voting in the Board's election each year. I confirm that I support the objects of the Society and agree to participate in general meetings and take an active interest in the operation and development of the Society and its business. I agree to respect the confidential nature of the business decisions of the Society. *
Membership is open to local or national Freegle volunteers.  Please list all the Freegle affiliated local groups on which you are a volunteer.  If you are a national volunteer please say "national". *
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