Wiscon Vid Submission Form
Thanks for submitting a premiere vid to the Wiscon Vid Party!

Submitting a vid here means it has never been shown before, or posted online –– it will screen for the first time on May 25th at the Vid Party!

The information you enter here will help us build our playlist and create the program that we will post online and have in hard copy at the party. Which is to say, all the information you give us here, except for your email address, may be published.

We also welcome recommendations of older vids, especially if you'd like to develop a short playlist of 3-6 vids. Please drop a comment in the wiscon_vidparty community on Dreamwidth (http://wiscon-vidparty.dreamwidth.org)

If you have any questions, please contact metatxt@gmail.com or eruthros@gmail.com.

Vidder name *
The name you want to be attributed as / the name you vid under
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Your email address. We will not publish this, but it will be shared with vid party organisers/volunteers.
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The name or title of your vid
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Song title
The title of the song/music used for your vid (if different)
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The musical artist who performed the music for your vid
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The fandom(s) or visual sources used for your vid. If you used many sources, say "Multi".
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The length of your vid in minutes and seconds, eg. 3:15.
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Description *
Descriptive text/vidder's notes for your vid. We suggest 1-3 sentences.
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Suggested warnings
Warnings for any potentially triggering material in your vid (these will be listed on a handout at the con). We'll contact you if we feel any additional warnings are required.
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Download link *
A URL (http://...) where we can download your vid. Your website, LJ/DW, or Mediafire//etc are fine. Please do not publish this link anywhere else until after the vid has aired!
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We try to make subtitles available for the vids that screen at the WisCon Vid Party. If you have a subtitled version or a .srt file for your vid, please link to it here. You can find out how to make subtitles at this link: http://wiscon-vidparty.dreamwidth.org/3174.html
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