OMSA Communications Bilingualism Committee Application (2018-2019)
The Bilingualism Committee is responsible for three specific initiatives, as outlined below:

1) Website Translation:
Translate all active information pages on OMSA’s new website to French;
Translate important supporting documents such as OMSA’s Constitution;
Work alongside OMSA’s communication team and website editors to have the translations implemented on the website;

2) Social Media:
Translate all social media posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as sent by the Director of Communications;

3) Branding:
Work alongside the rest of OMSA Council and the Communications team to have the bilingual OMSA name implemented into the logo.

Team Breakdown:
Bilingualism Officer 2018/2019: 1 position available, to be selected
Team Lead 2018/2019: 2 positions available, to be selected
Team Members: 6 positions available, to be selected

If you have any questions regarding a position on this committee, please contact

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