After Action Report
Every responder needs to fill out this form after every shift. Falsifying hours will result in dismissal from the unit.
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Note: If your name is not present, please contact the Operations Coordinators
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Name provided in the groupme
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For night shifts, use the date the shift started
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Note: This is the time that you are actually in service, it is not the same thing as UPD arrival time
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Note: This is the time that you are officially out of service
Number of hours worked *
Time between shift start time and shift end time. Round to the nearest half hour.
Number of Patients *
Number of Transports *
Has all reusable equipment been disinfected? Including but not limited to: Adult and Peds BP cuff, Stethoscope, AED, Suction, Radio, Clipboard *
If you noticed any supplies being low/out of stock, please mention it below
Additional comments/concerns
Please do not break HIPPA
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