City of Muskegon Heights Neighborhood Association Survey - 2018
Dear Neighbor:

The City of Muskegon Heights is working diligently to both create and provide support for neighborhood associations in our area. A neighborhood association draws people together and is a great way to reduce blight, keep our neighborhoods safe, and our neighbors informed about City processes and programs. The City has partnered with AmeriCorps to create an Urban Safety Corps in order to accomplish this goal.

These neighborhood associations provide everyone with a clear and organized way to work with the city government, and help to improve communication between the City and our residents. Participation in an association gives you a stronger voice in civic life and joins our communities together in shared projects. The City is interested in providing resources to help these associations thrive.

We need your help to identify and prioritize issues within your neighborhood. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey and provide us with your valuable opinions.

Thank you.

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Please attempt to answer each question as honestly as possible. Your responses will NOT be associated with your information, and will be kept confidential. Thank you!
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Please rate the concerns you have for your neighborhood:
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Vandalism/ Property crime
Unkempt rental units
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Vacant lots
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Bicycle lanes
Street lighting
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How are public services in your neighborhood? Are they good, fair, or poor? *
Police protection
Fire protection
Street repair/Maintenance
Trash collection/recycling
Park maintenance
Public transportation
Community Education
Is there a city service that your neighborhood needs that is not being provided? *
If you answered "Yes" to the last question, please identify the services your neighborhood needs that is not being provided:
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Would neighbors coming together to address common concerns be positive for your neighborhood? *
We are wondering if there are people in the neighborhood who are interested in forming a group that would meet on a regular basis to discuss topics that affect the neighborhood. Are you interested in becoming involved? *
What suggestions do you have to make your neighborhood a safer and better place to live?
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Are there specific areas in your neighborhood that need to be cleaned up or repaired?
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What would you like to see addressed by a neighborhood association in your area?
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Please provide your contact information so we may inform you about continuing efforts to establish or provide support to the neighborhood association in your area. Your information will not be used for any purposes other than neighborhood association matters. Thank you.
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