LAUNCH Student Application
1. APPLY NOW. The online application form includes short answer essay questions. The application must be completed by the student, not a parent/guardian by February 6th.

2. INTERVIEW. LAUNCH Administrators will contact students through their school email address to schedule an interview (Early February). Students need to demonstrate maturity, reliability, and examples of collaboration. The interview is a discussion with a panel about interest and the skills that you can contribute to LAUNCH. LAUNCH is different from the traditional classroom experience and requires more independent initiative, collaboration with project teams and project-based learning. The interview seeks to ensure the student has the motivation and interest to be successful when working on client projects or in a school and interacting with adults in a professional environment.

3. SCHEDULING. Students who are admitted will work with their counselor on scheduling. We will do what we can but there is no guarantee that LAUNCH will fit into every student's schedule that is admitted. Students not admitted will have an opportunity to be put on a wait list. Seniors will be given priority in admittance.

2017-18 Strand and Course Selection
GLOBAL BUSINESS- Terms 1-4, Blocks 3 and 4, Four (4) Credits
-AP Micro Economics
-AP Macro Economics
-Business Strategy
-Research and Writing

BUSINESS ANALYTICS- Terms 1-4, Block 1, Three (3) Credits
-Business Strategy
-AP Statistics

FUTURE TEACHERS- Term 1-4, Block TBD, Two (2) Credits
-Careers in Education
-AP Psychology

Which strand are you interested in? If you are interested in multiple strands please indicate your choices here and rank order them in the next question. *
If you selected MULTIPLE strands, please provide your order of preference.
Global Business
Business Analytics
Future Teachers
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Applicant Questions
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