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If you are finishing or have received your college degree in the U.S., do you want to work with someone who wants to study in the United States (for fall 2017 intake) over a period of 1-2 months (starting in mid-October until the end of November, 2016) by helping them prepare a successful application package with the same major/program as you did?

If so, this form is designed for you. As a MENTOR, you will be working with a highly selected Mentee where he/she will be given a set of 5 assignments, focuses on certain aspects of the university application process (essays, standardized tests, resume, etc.). Administered by EducationUSA advisors, the mentee will be matched with you with the same major/program you had taken from universities in the U.S.

Your responsibility as a mentor in the program would be to assist and/or give feedback on assignments and communicate regularly with your mentee over the course of the program to make sure that he or she remains motivated, focused and prepared for the workshops. You will be asked for feedback on assignments that follow each workshops, such as resume, essay, university list, etc. Your feedback can be provided via email (by always cc-ing, in person or by phone.

As always, educationUSA advisors will be available to help you with technical assistance or to answer any questions regarding the workshop material or anything else you deem important in helping your mentee graduate successfully from the program. You can do so by email us at:

To learn about the MP Manual for Mentor, visit:

For more information, visit:

Consider becoming a mentor!

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