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In 2022, frontline communities are fighting against the business-as-usual expansion of highways and organizing to build a more equitable transportation system in Washington.

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Host a screening of "Ramps to Nowhere", a film about the successful fight against highway expansion that would have torn apart neighborhoods throughout Seattle in the 1960s and 1970s. Afterwards, have a discussion with friends and neighbors about how we can continue this work in our communities today.

What's the connection between "Ramps to Nowhere" and our current transportation system?

Washington state spends BILLIONS expanding highways, even though we’ve known for decades that expansion doesn’t relieve congestion: people just drive more, congestion returns, and we have even more air pollution and more climate change. If we come together, we can change this! It will take all of us to win investments in a transportation system that is efficient and affordable, protects against air and climate pollution, and is safe for children walking to school or a bus stop. This is our vision for a Just Transition in Transportation; see https://frontandcentered.org/just-transition-in-transportation/

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If you organize a public viewing with one or more organizational sponsors we may be able help arrange for folks from our speakers bureau (film director, freeway activists, etc) to come speak on a panel after the showing. We also encourage you to think about inviting folks working on local transportation projects (transportation advocates and officials, politicians) to come speak in order to make connections between the past and present.

Haven't seen the film yet and want to check it out?

It's free and available on vimeo to watch anytime - Trailer: https://vimeo.com/311577847; Film: https://vimeo.com/361862625.
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