NM HD43: Pre-legislative Survey
Thank you for taking Christine Chandler's pre-legislative survey. Your answers will help determine legislative priorities.
What do you think is the biggest concern for NM House District 43?
On the issue that is most important to you, what specific policy (or policies) do you think the legislature should enact?
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After years of dramatic cuts to maintain a balanced budget, there will be substantial “new” revenue that the legislature can allocate to critical priorities—although the money will be one-time funds that aren’t guaranteed in future years. How do you think the legislature should allocate the new revenue?
Do you support or oppose an increase in the statewide minimum wage, which is currently $7.50 per hour? (If support, how much?)
If support, fill in how much you would support. $8, $10, $15, etc?
Do you support or oppose background checks on guns purchased at gun shows or over the internet?
Do you support or oppose legalization of recreational cannabis?
Do you support or oppose a constitutional amendment to tap into the Land Grant Permanent Fund to fund early childhood education programs?
To improve public safety, please rank the following policies in order of importance: *
1 = most important, 6 = least important
More police officers
More resources for the justice system (e.g. prosecutors, public defenders, etc.)
Expansion of drug courts and alternative sentencing
Criminal justice reform
Greater investment in behavioral health programs
Neighborhood policing
Which of the following state health care policies do you support? (check all that apply)
Do you support or oppose higher renewable energy production goals in New Mexico?
What should the state legislature be doing to create quality, career-track jobs in our communities?
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What are your priorities for the state legislature? What policies would you like to see enacted?
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How can state government better work for you?
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Is there anything else you think I should know, so I can better serve you?
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Please provide your name and contact information so I can verify that you’re a constituent, and so I can follow up with you about the results of the survey, and any feedback that you provided.
What is your full name? *
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What is your zip code? *
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What is your phone number?
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Thank you again for filling out my survey! Your input is appreciated.
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