Rate Your Executive Presence.

A lack of executive presence holds you back from a promotion, growing your business, or becoming a leader.

Executive presence necessitates skills required to lead, inspire and communicate effectively, cultivating an energy that comes from self-confidence and strength of character. It requires courage for brave conversations, resilience for managing crises, and grace for holding space in difficult situations.

Show up, speak up and stand out!

Encourage, influence and lead!

Exude self-assurance, warmth and power by building your executive presence.

4 minutes of your time on 24 questions will help you identify strengths to maximise and weak areas to work on.

Take this assessment to find out where you stand in the space of executive presence.

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I give attention to what I wear with regards to colour, fit and style so it is appropriate for the occasion. *
I groom myself to look neat and tidy with regards to my hair, nails and general hygiene. *
I maintain good eye contact with people letting them know that I am present with them in the conversation. *
I generally meet people with a smile, a firm handshake, and a warm greeting, conveying to them that I am happy and energized to meet them. *
When I feel tired, low or upset, I pick myself up, sit up straight and focus on the task. *
When I give a presentation, pitch or speak to an audience, I do not fidget or shuffle around, but stand erect with good eye contact and relaxed hand / body movements. *
When I am with an individual or a group of people, I make sure I am fully present in the moment even if I have other pressing concerns. *
I listen intently to what the other person is saying, even though I have opposing views or am tempted to interrupt. *
When I communicate with people, I build rapport with them, showing interest in their work, life and aspirations, or by finding common interests. *
When I have an opinion that is contrary to what the other person/people are saying, I do not hesitate to speak up. I confidently and clearly share my point of view. *
When I don’t agree with or like what other(s) suggest, I still listen intently with an open mind instead of dismissing their point of view. *
When communicating with others, I try to grasp their feelings, expressions and tone of voice, which helps me build better understanding and rapport with them. *
When in conflict with another person, I pause, hold space for my thoughts and respond with calm, grace, courtesy and assertiveness. *
In a crisis situation, I ground myself and demonstrate poise and control. *
In difficult situations, I bring on a resilience to face problems head-on and with courage. *
In conflicting decision making situations, I make hard decisions based on integrity and consistency, even if it is at the displeasure of some. *
I regularly spend time on self-reflection and self-evaluation for improvement and bettering myself personally and professionally. *
I am clear on what I stand for, my strengths and weaknesses, and live by my values. *
When I receive negative feedback, I listen with an open mind, and evaluate what I need to learn most from this. *
I know myself well, and bring my true self into my behaviour and communication. *
When I am nervous, lack confidence or am unsure of myself in a situation, I still have the courage to show up and do my best. *
I see myself as fairly confident, and in moments when I am not, I pick myself up, keep my head high and speak up. *
I speak with power in my voice, conviction in my message and clarity in my languaging. *
I exude an energy of warmth and approachability in all my interactions across  different  levels, and build great rapport with people. *
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