Crisis Gardening - consultation pre-call questionnaire
Hey friend,

Here you can apply for the crisis gardening online consultation and provide some basic information about your specific situation.

The Crisis Gardening online consultation includes a 1-hour video consultation over Skype/Zoom where I answer your specific burning questions and a follow-up email with some basic points from the call and relevant resources.

You can get my advice on your specific situation on anything from planning to site assessment, design, soil prep, and planting.

The service costs US$97 and focuses on the initial steps of growing a crisis garden, specifically:

--> Planning what to grow and to what extent
--> Choosing the best location for your crisis garden
--> Determining the best layout for your crisis garden
--> Custom site preparation protocols
--> Planting your garden

Once you apply and fill out this form, I’ll reach out to you with the details on how to make the payment and book a call. Then, if required, I’ll ask you to give me more information about your site prior to our call.

Talk to you soon,

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