Application for WCDF Grant
The mission of World Cup Dreams Foundation is to Support, Protect and Inspire.

To further the growth and development of the nations best winter sports athletes, we offer support to elite athletes who are unfunded or not fully funded. Some teams or small groups may also use WCDF to raise money.

In order to be eligible for a grant, athlete/ team must meet the following requirements:

• Elite-level athlete: close to or at the national team level. Other athletes that are "on that path" may also be eligible.
Examples (include but are not limited to): named groups: Development Team, National Development Groups, other elite teams may also apply. WCDF would also accept an "elite" overall world rank or an "elite" world or US rank for your age. Use the form to provide details.

Additional information:

• Grants/ Funds will be distributed upon request from athlete.
• You must document need equal to or above your grant amount
• All money goes to World Cup Dreams Foundation and WCDF will solely determine how funds are applied.

• For more information on fundraising, details on getting donations to World Cup Dreams and how we help Athletes raise funds or for any other questions, contact Andy Davis-

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Date of birth *
Team Status/ Level/ Club/ Rankings *
Your current level of competition, which club/ group/ team you are with? What is your ranking- World or US rank, age group rank. What teams have you qualified for? Basically, what makes you an "elite athlete"?
Reason(s) for Applying for a grant from World Cup Dreams Foundation *
Projected Budget/ Costs for season *
Include detailed budget of your need: include Training, competition and equipment expenses, travel, physical therapy, rehab, etc. depending on your situation. ***Normal living expenses: food, lodging, etc. can not be included. If you would have the expense if you were not participating in your sport, do not include it. If your sport requires you to travel away from home, then include food, lodging, etc. If your budget is already in another form (excel, etc), write "sending by email" then send to but please include the grand total here.
Projected Sources of income *
other contracts, sponsorships, grants, etc. (only within the industry not outside jobs)
Who are your equipment sponsors? *
We ask because from time to time we partner with brands and when we do, we would ask you to promote our partnership on social media if you are sponsored by that particular brand. For example, we have partnered with LEKI on some projects so if you are LEKI sponsored, we might ask that you share a post about WCDF and LEKI's partnership. Posts would only be about funding athletes. Never about endorsing a product.
Where did/do you go to High School? *
At times we have funds directed to supporting alumni of certain schools and often donors are intersted to know what fellow alumni we are supporting.
Where did/do you go to College? *
At times we have funds directed to supporting alumni of certain schools and often donors are intersted to know what fellow alumni we are supporting. If you have deferred the start of college for ski racing please let us know.
By checking here, you confirm that the above questions have been answered truthfully and completely *
Any athlete providing false information with regard to income, other funding sources or overstating their need will no longer be eligible for grants from World Cup Dreams Foundation.
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