New Adult Book Reviews Reviewer Application

Hello Reviewer,

We review New Adult books. We are seeking reviewers who are:

* Well versed in the English language and can write a review with minimal editing required.

* Able to commit to reviewing books in a timely manner.

Reviewer Terms & Conditions:

* Reviewers must be 18 or over.

* Reviewers are not employed by New Adult Book Reviews.

* Reviewers will edit their own reviews, plus a New Adult Book Reviews Editor will give them a second glance prior to the website release.

* Reviewers must agree to review all books provided. Reviewers select the books and authors they want to review. If a reviewer gets sick or has an unexpected emergency he/she needs to contact us ASAP so we can find an alternate reviewer.

* Reviewers must be able to commit to reviewing at least 1 book per month.

* Reviewers should be able to read several forms of eBooks such as PDF, ePub. and mobi as well as print.

* Reviewers must always be professional in their reviews.

New Reviewer Preliminary Period:

Only 1 book out at a time. After the preliminary period, reviewers will be able to get more titles at once.

For the first five reviews, reviewers may review eBooks only. After the preliminary period, they will then be able to request print books as long as a reviewer lives within the United States. Reviewers outside of the United States of America can do eBooks only.

Reviews are unpaid.

Reviewers are provided a free book by the publisher or author, but the free book should never prompt a glowing review. A review should be based on the book's merit and not on where it came from.

We do not allow author bashing, but it is good to help an author out with information about how he/she could improve. Reviews need to be considerate.

Reviewers may post their reviews on other networks as long as New Adult Book Reviews is given credit for the review.

All New Adult Book Reviews reviewers must agree to not distribute any eBooks or ARCs that are provided for review purposes. It's against the law to distribute eBooks. If a reviewer distributes an eBook, New Adult Book Reviews is not responsible. Reviewers are responsible for their own actions and the publisher can pursue them with legal action.

By filling out the form below, you agree not to distribute any eBook or ARC we provide you. EBooks and ARC's are provided for review purposes only. Reviewers in violation will have their New Adult Book Reviews account closed immediately. Terms & Conditions may change at any time and without notice. If you're interested, please fill out the form below and we will contact you if we have an open spot that we feel you would be a good fit for.

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