Starting the Online Teaching and Learning Certificate program
We welcome your interest in the Online Teaching and Learning certificate program!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are already a graduate student at UGA, this Google form plus a one page statement of purpose is all you need to submit in order to apply for the certificate program.

If you are not yet a graduate student at UGA, you must be accepted by the graduate school before we can accept you into the certificate program. If you have already applied/been accepted, great! If not, further information, including how to apply as a certificate student, is on the Information Sheet you should have received when you inquired about the program.

For easy access, we've included a link to the Information Sheet here as well:

Feel free to read and download it for future reference.
What is your official name (the one you will use/used to apply to UGA -- last name, first name)? *
What is your "call name" (the name you prefer to be called)? *
What is your UGA email (if you have one yet)? *
What is an alternate email (besides your UGAMail) that I can use to contact you? (FYI, all official emails will go through your UGAMail address, which all UGA students receive upon initial admission to UGA. If you don't plan to check that email regularly, I strongly suggest you have it forwarded to an email you do check every day.) *
What is a phone number that I can call if I need to contact you in a hurry (I will usually go through email)? *
In getting this certificate, do you want to earn the K-12 online teaching endorsement from the GA PSC? (This endorsement is only available to K-12 teachers who already have a renewable (not induction) teaching certificate in Georgia.) *
Are you also enrolled/enrolling in a regular graduate degree program here at UGA? *
If you are already a UGA student (degree or certificate or non-degree), what is your UGA student number? (If you aren't a UGA student yet, just write "not yet")
When do you plan to start taking courses toward the OTL certificate? *
How many certificate-related courses do you plan to take each term (there are five courses in the certificate program)? *
By when do you plan to finish the certificate? (just your best estimate; we won't hold you to it!) *
What is your level of comfort with/knowledge of digital technology? *
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